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While John Idzik told season ticke-tholders on a half-hour conference call yesterday that Darrelle Revis's injury is recovering well and that he is ahead of schedule, the Jets might be behind in their efforts to move Tim Tebow to another team, via Bart Hubbuch for the NY Post.

As for Tebow, Idzik indicated the backup quarterback, whose presence created a season-long sideshow last year, could be afforded the chance to impress the Jets’ new offensive coaches into training camp.

Despite that comment, it remains extremely unlikely Tebow will even make it to minicamp this spring in a Jets uniform.

League sources say the Jets are hoping to trade Tebow — a virtually impossible scenario — and will release him before June if a deal doesn’t happen, but Idzik tried to play it straight yesterday.

“Tim, as you know, is currently on our roster,” Idzik said. “What we’re doing is we’re trying to increase competition at [quarterback], so we’re going to let the competition play out. We’re going to see who we’re able to bring on board and let it play out this off-season and into training camp. So I think that’ll be healthy for all concerned, including Tim.”

Welp, at least the Worldwide Leader is happy with this news.  

It's highly unlikely that the Jets could find a trade partner for Tebow, but the only reason that they would plan on keeping him on the roster is for purely practical purposes -- we'll get to that in a second.  The Jets will save $1 million if they cut him, but will be on the hook for $1.5 million this year and then just under $900,000 next season should they do so.  It's not much money, but when the Jets cap situation is stretched as tight as the Jets is, any little bit helps.  

The only reasons the Jets would then keep him on the team is because they see the matter as a sunk cost and think that they might be able to find a trade partner after the NFL draft because it's so notoriously thin at the spot or want Tebow to actually compete for a spot on this roster, starting or otherwise.

Rib injury or not, Rex Ryan bent over backwards to play around Tim Tebow once it was painfully obvious that Sanchez was a dead man walking.  The Jets also handcuffed him from throwing the football out of the Wildcat ... so unless the head coach has a change of heart about the matter and trusts Morhinweg to assess the matter it seems so improbable that Tebow will be on this team for the Jets Week One matchup.

It's just how long it's going to take for the Jets to move on from Tebow that's in question.

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