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Whenever there is controversy on the Jets, Mark Sanchez takes the high road.  For all the turmoil in the past few days, Mark Sanchez has not publicly replied to the anonymous comments made against him, and probably won't until he has to surface for some event down the road that precipitates him to do so.  Sanchez has been mum on being called "lazy," on a teammate's willingness to trade him away, on struggling with an offense that backslid in 2011.

Rightfully, his teammates have circled the wagons ... standup guys like Sione Pouha, Nick Mangold (Twitter and radio), Matt Slauson, Marcus Dixon, Wayne Hunter, and others have run to his defense, saying that the claims were either false, of impure motives, or just misrepresenting the sense of the team as a whole.

In the sake of trying to not make matters worse, Sanchez has been silent ...

... for once I wish he'd take the low road.

At this point, I'd really like to hear Mark Sanchez publicly say that he's a leader of this team, that he's the one who the coaches have put the trust in running the offense and until he's told otherwise it's his to command.  That he's the first one in and the last one out, so that whoever would question him, must be sleeping at the facility.  That anyone who would say what they did without putting their name to it is gutless and a coward.  That if they were a man and had problems with him, they'd come directly to him and work it out like men, not like catty high school cheerleaders.

Just once, I wish he'd take the low road.

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