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Now that Sanchez has been benched for however long, here's a quick look at just how bad Mark's season has been.  While this is all in isolation, looking at any any middle-tier quarterback, numbers like these are not the rule.

Passer Rating -- Mark Sanchez had five games (SFO, HOU, SEA, ARI, TEN) with a passer rating under 55.

Turnovers -- Sanchez had nine games (@MIA, SFO, HOU, @NWE, MIA, SEA, NWE, ARI, TEN) in which he committed more than one turnover via interception or fumble lost.

Completion Percentage -- Of his fourteen starts, Sanchez had six games (BUF, IND, @NWE, STL, NWE, JAC) where he completed more than 60% of his passes.

Scoring -- Sanchez had more games (four - SFO, SEA, ARI, JAC) where he scored no touchdowns with his hands or feet than games he scored more than one touchdown (two - BUF, IND)

So how does that all stack up?  I would have added Football Outsiders, but since their site has been down for two days ... 

Pro Football FocusSanchez is ranked #34th among all 2012 quarterbacks - putting him in the company of players like Michael Vick, Christian Ponder, John Skelton and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Advanced Football Statistics: Sanchez is ranked 39th among all 2012 quarterbacks - the last player on their list behind Ryan Lindley and John Skelton.

Cold Hard Football Facts: The Jets ranked 30th in their offensive passer rating.

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