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Normally, offensive guards are not a first-round priority when it comes to the draft.  Since guards are generally less athletic and less impactful than their tackle brethren, it's rare for a team to use a first round draft pick on a guard let alone a top ten pick.

Even so, in a column on, Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah "battle" over who is the best talent in this draft, and Brooks says it's Alabama guard Chance Warmack and shares why.

Warmack's game would seamlessly fit into every offensive system, and he would upgrade any offensive lineup.

While some observers will certainly take umbrage with my selection of an offensive guard as the best prospect in this class, I believe a prospect with a consistent game and a laundry list of blue-chip characteristics will always shine as a pro.

Warmack displayed those traits against competition in the SEC -- the premier conference in college football. I view him as an immediate difference-maker with the potential to rate as one of the best at his position in a year or so. That's exactly what you would expect from the top player in the draft.

The Jets are going to need one or maybe two guards to bolster their 2013 line.  With Tannenbaum out, Ducasse is much less a shoo-in than he was just a few months ago.  So, how the Jets come by them is yet to be determined.  While it's a highly unconventional pick, Warmack might be a tantalizing prospect to the Jets if he's still available at the 9th.  It seems crazy to consider a guard there, but the fact that he's in the discussion for such a high slotting just goes to show how talented a player he truly is.

Of course, the Jets have a lot of needs in bringing in playmakers to help out their offense and the question will inevitably come up as to why the Jets would draft a lineman so high when they have needs at quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end.   Marty Morhinweg has an offense that needs to be fed, and using the same recipe as we saw in 2012 will just cause widespread indigestion among the fanbase should they try much of the same in 2013.  What I will say is that it's not as dark as it seems.  While he's not an elite receiver, Holmes can still be productive.  Stephen Hill seemed to turn a corner right before his season ending injury.  Jeremy Kerley has proven himself to be a valuable and productive player with few options elsewhere.  The Jets tight ends might not head to the Pro Bowl in 2013, but there are some productive players buried in that group.  The dire needs on offense in terms of production for the Jets is the quarterback and the running back spot.  Both of which can be filled in the second or third round based on the talent available.

What I would say to that is that I'd much rather see the Jets use a pick on a player who could have an immediate impact to the 2013 team and could be a building block on this team for the next 10 years ... carrying the torch from Mangold and Brick eventually.  Placing Warmack next to Brick would immediate upgrade the run blocking on the left side of the line and if Warmack was to slide into the right guard spot, the thought of Mangold, Warmack and Howard to the right is a fearsome prospect.

Of course though, this Jets team is not your father's "ground and pound" as Rex himself told us at the end of the season.  According to Rex, the Jets are looking an attacking more dynamic attacking attacking attacking style this year. Attacking.

Did we say attacking?


Umm ... PISTOL!!!

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