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In today's Post, Gary Myers asks the question that many fans have asked  themselves since Sunday.  With Mark Sanchez not able to spark his offense on Sunday and only gain yards in prevent situations, why did the coaching staff insist on sticking with Sanchez?

Sanchez played poorly in blowout losses to the 49ers and Dolphins, but Ryan never benched him even in garbage time to allow Tebow a chance to operate with the first-team offense for more than one play at a time. Almost every coach in the league takes out his starting quarterback in blowout losses, if for no other reason than to avoid injury.

Can Tebow be that bad or is there another motive?

Here’s my conspiracy theory: Ryan was scared of Tebow doing well, even in a meaningless situation.

Can you imagine if Ryan pulled Sanchez in the fourth quarter against Miami and Tebow led the Jets on two touchdown drives?

That would have made for two weeks of Tebow Talk between games. The fans would be screaming for Tebow. To some extent, I think Ryan and Sparano are afraid of Tebow. They know he is not the long-term answer and don’t want to give him too many opportunities that would force them to start him.

My differences with Myers are legion, but in this I see his point and it's the same thought I had about the matter Sunday.  I do believe that the coaches aren't thrilled with what Tebow offers them at the quarterback position, or maybe much of any position, but the thought of Tebow doing anything to rally the team and fans during garbage time of the Dolphins game might have made it a two-week public siege of the quarterback position.  And a living hell for the Jets front office.

Even so, it's going to be a living hell for them even without putting Tebow in anyway.

Still, coaches can't be thinking about what the fans would or wouldn't do.  As the phrase goes, when you think about the fans, you wind up sitting with the fans.  Is Rex thinking about the best thing for his team or what the fans think?

If Tebow is as bad a quarterback as the coaches think, then he must truly believe he's making the right decision.

Also, when you think about just how much Rex has gushed over Sanchez over the years, he's tied his tenure with the Jets inextricably with Sanchez's.  For Rex to outlast his starting quarterback in New York ... he better be damn sure that whomever he switches to is the right guy, because once he makes that switch once, I doubt the fans and ownership will let him do it twice ...

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