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While we might not yet know the diagnosis for Stephen Hill's injury yesterday, with three games remaining in the season the Jets are going to have to consider options (again) at the receiver spot.  After picking up players like Clyde Gates, Jason Hill and Mardy Gilyard, the Jets are trying their best to keep a semblance of an offense together.  Even so, the results haven't been great and George Bretherton asks a very sensible question about how to address the WR spot that we are sure many fans will ask themselves.

If Hill is out, it means the Jets’ next man up may not even be on the roster. If that’s the case, should the Jets kick the tires on the idea of bringing back Braylon Edwards?

If Edwards is healthy and it comes down to being a football decision, I say bring him in.

If the only issue against Edwards is the criticism he leveled at the Jets organization last Tuesday in his spirited defense of Mark Sanchez, I say get over it.


The case for approaching Edwards is simple: he would provide an instant upgrade to the Jets’ injury-riddled group. Edwards is still only 29 years old. In addition, his rapport with Sanchez has already been established.

UPDATED: While it's a great suggestion, it won't work because he's actually not healthy.  The new waiver system is a little tricky and has different rules than the old system did.  Under the new rules, if a player is waived while injured and then passes through waivers, they must be remitted back to the team who waived the player on the injured reserve.  Edwards did not pass a physical on his way out the door of the Seahawks and so was given the waived/injured tag.  Having passed through waivers and not being claimed, he moves back to the Seahawks IR.  So ... at this point there's no way to reactivate him or move him.  Had Edwards made it through and had a clean bill of health, he could have been signed to a vet minimum deal.

If I had to guess, I'm suspecting that the Jets will sign someone like Patrick Turner who was already on the team this season, or maybe they will give rookie Jordan White a shot.  We should know more tomorrow which way the Jets plan to go as the Jets usually hold their free agent tryouts on Tuesdays.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE II - BENT It seems Edwards was placed on injured reserve with a "minor injury designation" which was not widely reported. That means he remains on that list until healthy and then is, by rule, released and becomes a free agent. That happened today, so he is now available and - apparently - healthy.

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