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After a great article about teams in Mobile looking for the next Wilson or Kaepernick, Mike Tanier came to some sound conclusions on Sports on Earth.

Talk to six different scouts or draft analysts, and they will state a preference for six different quarterbacks, though Nassib, Manuel, and Wilson are the most common choices. Those same six scouts and analysts will reflect on Russell Wilson and Kaepernick, talk about what they saw, wonder on what they missed, and try to project those lessons onto the current crop. Meanwhile, the “behind the scenes” analysis remains behind the scenes, with scouts and coaches offering only tantalizing hints and whispers.

There is no consensus choice for Next Big Thing. Perhaps there is no Next Big Thing here at Mobile. But there are intriguing nominees: players who looked and sounded good enough to improve their draft profile (Manuel and Wilson) or at least did enough to hold serve (Nassib). One of them will be playing in the playoffs next year. And all of us will try to pretend that we knew it would happen all along.

In other words, if the Jets are looking to add at the quarterback position via the draft this spring, then the scouting staff is going to have to work overtime this spring to find the right guy.  Apparently last year Terry Bradway was very big on Russell Wilson ... to the point that it was something of a joke ... looks like the Seahawks got to laugh last.  Hopefully the Jets will be able a player throughout this group.  There's promise in it, it's just not obvious Andrew Luck / RG3 type players at this point.
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