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As the Jets face an uncertain future with the quarterback position up for grabs, Mark Sanchez is putting forth the effort to learn the West Coast offense and improve his game. USA Today's Jim Corbett reports that alongside JaMarcus Russell (cue the raging fits), the duo have been quietly working out with Jeff Garcia who played under Marty Mornhinweg in Philadelphia and San Francisco where he set career highs in passing yards (4,278) and touchdowns (31) as a 49er.

To that end, three days a week for the past several weeks, first in the classroom and now on the field, Sanchez is downloading the West Coast offense from Garcia. The 12-year NFL veteran played in San Francisco and Philadelphia for Sanchez's newest offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg.

"He's doing an excellent job -- the progress Mark has made over the past three weeks is definitely very positive,'' Garcia told USA TODAY Sports. "It shows Mark is committed to bettering himself and getting himself more mentally prepared.

"The most important thing for Mark is to take that tough season last year as a learning experience from the standpoint of how he can get better and give his team the best chance to win. That has to be done in terms of being confident in his ability to run this system and speak the language correctly.

"Marty and I communicated a few weeks ago (about) what he'd like to introduce to Mark,'' Garcia said. "Mark is definitely getting more comfortable speaking the West Coast terminology. He had a brief glimpse of the West Coast system at USC.

"The toughest thing is this will be Mark's third offensive coordinator in six seasons. The guy has had to learn a new system just about every other year. From a consistency standpoint, that just doesn't translate to success in the NFL. You really need to be secure in what you're doing mentally in order to compete at the highest level.''

The Jets are running out of patience with Sanchez but to his credit he's taking every step possible to master Mornhinweg's West Coast offense and make the leap we've all been praying for. Unfortunately, we've also seen this before. He's been able to make strides during the offseason working with various, knowledgeable people but the results are ultimately amiss when the season starts. Then again you never know, sometimes you just need to find the right system. Whatever the case, this is likely Mark's last chance to make the jump or else it's curtains for the franchise quarterback that never was.
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