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Yesterday, the Jets announced that they will be looking at how "other venues" might compare as training camp locations.

Although the offseason has just started, we already have training camp on our mind. We’ve reached a point in our agreement with SUNY Cortland that enables us to consider our training camp options for the coming summer. We will look at how other venues compare to our current arrangements to make sure we are getting the most out of our camp experience for players, coaches and fans.

“SUNY Cortland’s been great to us,” said general manager John Idzik. “They’re extremely hospitable and the campus is a terrific setting for our team to bond and prepare for the upcoming season. At this time, we simply wish to perform our due diligence to ensure we have the best possible environment for our camp."

It's a rather weird half-announcement to make.  Are the Jets already decided on not returning?  Is this just a fait accompli and we can anticipate that they will be in another location next year?

This makes me think of two things.  First, I think that getting away to Cortland, or any remote destination for that matter as the Jets have has been is good for the team.  Still, there are other factors at play beyond Rex's just wanting to go away to training camp.  Financial implications or what the GM prefers to do might now come into play.

Second, the Jets have that nice new facility in Florham Park that they built with the idea that they would use it to host training camps.  Doing so right in their own backyard would be a lot more economical for the team than their annual month-long trek to training camp.

There could be another dynamic that the team is considering as well.  From what I heard from some contacts with the Redskins, their training camp in Richmond was such a big hit and drew such big crowds that many other teams contacted the Redskins about their idea of doing training camp nearer to their core fanbase in a population dense area that was close to, but not at their home facility.

I have no idea whether or not the Jets were interested in what Washington did, but we could foresee a trend emerging around NFL training camps in coming years where, for instance a team like the Bears might do training camp in Gary, Indiana over their current location in Bourbonnais, Illinois.  It's closer to home, but not home and in a dense population area.  Could the Jets wind up doing training camp in a place like Newark or Queens?

My only point is, anything's possible and it would seem the Jets are opening up the bidding.

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