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Well that was fast. A few hours after announcing his plan to return to the NFL next season, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Jets are "curious" about the possibility of signing Randy Moss.

Yes, the New England Patriots could use Moss in a serious way. In addition, according to a source close to Moss, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets are at least curious and the San Francisco 49ers could look to fill a hole if they let go of Josh Morgan in free agency. A source with one of those teams conveyed via text it would be “intriguing” to see what Moss has left in the tank after a year away from the game.
I think I speak for a majority of Jets fans, when I say PLEASE NO. Randy Moss is everything the Jets don't need at the WR position. In my opinion, this would be the second coming of Derrick Mason. The Jets need a tall, fast, physical, young WR to pair with Holmes. Not another headcase primadona that is past his prime and a cancer in the locker room. I understand if the Jets want to do the due diligence, but I hope they aren't seriously considering signing Randy Moss.
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