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The Jets could trade up to get a wide receiver (Rapoport, May 6).

New York and the 49ers are two teams who have been talking to teams about moving up in the draft, according to the report.

The team has shown lots of interest in USC WR Marquise Lee, even having a private meeting with the player (TJB, March 13). A few mock drafts also have the Jets taking Lee with their pick (TJB, February 6 and April 24.)

We expect the Jets are performing their due-diligence on a contingency basis for now and would only pull the trigger on should certain players (like Odell Beckham or whomever) be available at that given pick. The Eagles are also said to be in the mix to move up for a receiver and with a run likely in the first half of the first round, making such a move could be costly.

In the end we think the Jets will stay put and let the draft come to them. They might not get one of the top six receivers because the players they covet at the No. 18 pick might all be gone by the time it's their turn to pick, but there are also some very capable receivers that will be available well into the third round who could come in and start.

The difference of course is that at the top of the draft the Jets will be getting the cream of the crop. This draft in particular is filled with talented receivers and if they don't end up with a "total package player" like Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans, they can get one of the very best of a given type of player ... Beckham and Lee (standard body-type receiver with polished route-running and some home-run potential) and Cooks (smaller deep threat) represent the best of those role-receiver types.

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