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The Jets are expected to pick up Mo Wilkerson's fifth-year option (Mehta).

As part of the collective bargaining agreement, all players signed in 2011 signed four-year deals with an option for a fifth year. Wilkerson is entering his fourth year in the league.

The team is also talking to Wilkerson about a long-term deal, but nothing has come of that yet.

There's a fine line between abiding by the league-set structures for teams to benefit from initial rookie contracts and appeasing super stars to avoid ugly contract standoffs as we have recently seen between the Jets and Darrelle Revis.

Re-doing Wilkerson's deal early would be seen as a sign of good will between the team and the player, but with two years left under control the Jets might not be in a rush to get a deal done.

We're sure given the choice, Wilkerson would rather make more than less, but seems reasonable enough to know that his massive payday is coming if he focuses on his day job first and foremost.

The Jets have never been a team that hoards cap space, so if the Jets are moving slowly on re-doing Wilkerson's deal, then one would hope the money they might otherwise allocate there will be utilized wisely elsewhere in the myriad of holes and depth issues the team has as we enter the free agency.

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