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Since the 20 penalty game, has Rex Ryan's "pushups for penalties" rule been working? The Jets halved the number to a still questionable 10 against the Titans, and then down to six against the Falcons last Monday night.

Kristian Dyer writes an article on the decline of penalties in Metro and according to players like Jeff Cumberland, it's not the pushups, but the instant reminder of what a penalty can cost the team:

“I do pushups every day, so it’s not the push-ups,” tight end Jeff Cumberland told Metro. “What it is is focus. It is being aware of it and keeping that in the back of your mind. It is having your antennas up and being aware about it. Then it carries over to the games like it is supposed to. It is all about the right focus.”

After that franchise record for penalties, Ryan instituted the pushup policy — but with a twist. When a player was flagged in practice, the entire unit had to drop down for 10 push-ups while the offending player stood there and watched. It was as much mental conditioning as anything.

Ryan has fixed the penalty problems in the past and if the team can continue their single digit totals it will only help them over the next month. Though, with some tough opponents coming up, some mismatched players might resort to penalties more as a way to try and level the field slightly. Either way, I don't expect the Jets to have the penalty problems they had in Weeks 3 and 4.
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