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This morning, Mike Tannenbaum took to the air to explain why he's hopeful the remaining eight games of the season still holds promise.  The Jets GM told ESPN NY that he's "highly confident our record can be better in the second half."

Tannenbaum told listeners that his hope "... isn't blind faith or crazy talk" and that it was based on what he'd already seen so far this season.

When asked about what's to come, Tannenbaum stated that the Jets "absolutely" still have a shot at the playoffs saying that the coaching staff spent the down time to diagnose and address "very specific" points of concern for the Jets and that had those gotten tuned up in the first part of the season then "our record would look dramatically different" and clarifying those comments by saying that the team could have been 5-3 or 4-4.

Yes, but the fact is that they are not and they are about to walk into a buzzsaw in Seattle.  Marshawn Lynch has played out of his gourd this year, Russell Wilson is helping the team win at home and the defense has been one of the best in the league so far.  While the Seahawks let up a number of yards to Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore, the 'Hawks aren't exactly facing the same level of running competition this coming week.

If the team has made the adjustments that Tannenbaum says they have, then maybe they contest this game against a hot Seahawks team.  If the Jets are the team that the coaches, the GM and the players keep telling the world that they are, then there's no better game to go out and prove than against the Seahawks on their home turf this weekend.


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