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While the Jets aren't completely worry-free they still have some financial flexibility per a report by ProFootballTalk. As of March 26, the Jets were approximately $13 million UNDER the cap, which is just about in line with Jason's estimate. This is a stark contrast from the doom and gloom picture painted when Idzik first took over as general manager when New York was nearly $30 million OVER the cap.

Through prearranged moves and calculated releases and restructures, John Idzik has been able to provide the team with some flexibility and add a few low cost-high reward free agents. There are still glaring holes that need to be addressed however, the Jets will turn their full attention from free agency to the draft next month to try and address as many of their needs as they can with their seven picks.

Factoring in the cost of the upcoming draft class, the Jets should still have some room to add maybe one or two low cost free agents if they so choose to do so.

There continue to be a few bloated contracts that muddle the picture such as those of David Harris and Mark Sanchez however, Rich Cimini noted that the Jets are no longer as "top-heavy" as they were and a look at the Jets' 2014 cap page reveals a continued drop-off. Cromartie is charged with the biggest cap number at $14 million, Sanchez at $13 million, Holmes and Ferguson at $10 million and then Mangold at $7 million.

As of today, these are now the top ten paid players on (or formerly on) the team:

  1. David Harris, $13 million
  2. Mark Sanchez, $12.9 million
  3. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, $10.7 million
  4. Nick Mangold, $9.1 million
  5. Darrelle Revis, $9 million
  6. Santonio Holmes, $9 million
  7. Antonio Cromartie, $6.5 million
  8. Calvin Pace, $3 million (dead money)
  9. Tim Tebow, $2.6 million
  10. Sione Po'uha, $2.3 million (dead money)
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