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Will Leitch writes for New York Magazine that this is one of the games on the Jets schedule that can ill afford to lose.

This week is one of those that the Jets have everything to lose. The “nice” thing about the loss to the Steelers was that the Jets were playing house money; they weren’t expected to beat Pittsburgh at Heinz Field, so when they didn’t, there was no permanent damage to the season. This week, they play the Miami Dolphins, and this is the sort of game that a team with any sort of playoff aspirations needs to win. There aren’t ever any “easy” games on an NFL schedule, but there are those you can’t afford to drop. According to our calculations, the Jets have six more of these, counting this one. Those are seven absolutely Should Wins, the ones you can build on as long as you don’t lose any of those. So the pressure is on. Though with the Jets, it’s always on.
The Jets will face a tough turn after this game so it's even more essential to notch that second win before the end of September.  It's amazing to be talking about must win games, but with the Niners, the Texans and New England up in the next month, there's no time like the present.
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