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In case you might be concerned about just how the new starting Jets safeties will play tomorrow, according to Connor Orr of the Star-Ledger, they have been working hard all summer to be ready for the season so that they can be as effective as Mike Pettine and Dennis Thurman expect them to be this season.

“LaRon and Yeremiah have been doing a great job of communicating between them,” secondary coach Dennis Thurman said. “We don’t think it’s going to be a problem. We have two new guys who learned the system, and they understand what they need to do within each call.”

The pair sit next to each other during secondary meetings, Thurman said, taking time to watch an opponent’s passing game on film while they point out where everyone needs to be.

They made a point to learn both the strong and free safety positions and plan to constantly shift between the two during the game to scramble the quarterback’s reads.

“They’ll never know what defense we’re playing because we’re constantly switching it up,” Landry said.

That's the way Rex likes to deploy his safeties.  While one player might be better equipped for coverage or run support than the other, both still need to be able to swap back and forth as much as possible to help disguise the defense.  That allows the defense to play "flatter" (more along the line of scrimmage) and mix their blitzes and coverages more effectively.  Both of Landry's preseason interceptions came on deeper passes, an indication that the Jets mean what they say about mixing it up.  So that Bell and Landry realize the importance of their versatility and their need to execute on that fact is big.  The safeties have looked positive on the whole so far through the preseason, and I believe that this defense can be great, but seeing the safeties play consistently will be the litmus test for what to expect from this defense in 2012.
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