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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Following a 34-0 loss to the 49ers where the Jets got dominated in nearly every facet of the game, head coach Rex Ryan gave his players Monday off to focus on righting the ship and to give the head coaching staff a chance to evaluate the team. But the Jets didn’t consider it a mini-vacation – instead, the vast majority of players were at the team facility as if it was a normal day.

Mondays around the NFL tend to be focused on treating injuries, team meetings and film study from the game the day before; essentially it is an opportunity to make corrections and get healthy. Then on Tuesdays, it is generally a universal day off where players can get away from the game and get their focus squarely set on next weekend. Players weren’t expected to report on Monday.

But they still did – and in numbers too.

“We treated it like a regular week. Worked out, watched film, did all those things just like we normally would do,” defensive end Mike DeVito told The Jets Blog.

“We’re a resilient team, we know what we have here; there weren’t a lot of people hanging their heads. We knew we had to come back in for work even if we had the day off.”

DeVito said that no one stood up in the locker room on Sunday and told the players to report on Wednesday but that “We all just knew. No one had to say anything.”

The attendance was high at the facility, with nearly the entire roster present for treatment or workouts. Players watched film and spent time running on the treadmill. Just the only thing different was that there was no organized team meetings or film study with the coaching staff at the helm, that was up to the individual.

But to a man, it seems like the Jets players wanted to learn from Sunday’s loss and not just forget it.

“I spent the past two days the same way I spend every one of my off days, working and watching film. I don’t change what happens in the game. Basically all of us were here. That’s something the media ran with; none of us changed our schedules. We came in, worked out, ran. I don’t break my routine, I’m very regimented in my routine. When I break my routine, it throws off my schedule,” linebacker Aaron Maybin said.

“Guys watched film on their own, used their iPad and watched it. Nothing really changed for most of us because I think we want to learn from this and get better. Complacency is not an option.”

Kristian R. Dyer covers the Jets and can be followed for practice updates and news @KristianRDyer

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