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The Jets have re-signed David Garrard, the team announced.

Garrard was placed on the exempt list for two games.

The Jets signed Garrard over the summer, but he "retired" due to knee injuries.

Using the exemption list is an interesting idea.  It allows the Jets to see how Garrard's conditioning has progressed with some time away from football and whether he is someone they feel right about keeping once that exemption goes away in two weeks.  I would assume that they will use it when the time comes.  Still, should the Jets like what they see in that time, it seems likely that Quinn's spot on the team will be given to Garrard.

The Jets brought Garrard in this spring, and the former Jaguar's knee swelling was such that he walked away from the team and from the game altogether.  While his knee swelling might have subsided, couldn't it just as easily flare up again?  This is something that will have to be monitored should the Jets want to use a roster spot on him in two weeks time.  While there's a lot to say about Mark Sanchez, he seems to be doing a good job so far of taking on the mentor and cheerleader role for the team's starting quarterback - at least publicly.  GM John Idzik must feel that Garrard has some lessons he can teach his rookie quarterback that are valuable enough to make this move.  What I don't understand yet is strong tie to give Garrard another opportunity.  

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