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Players returned to the facility yesterday for the first time in a week after dealing with the same afflictions that many in the NY metropolitan area have according to Kristian Dyer in Metro.

“You have to make sure you take care of your family; that’s first and foremost, obviously. Yourself probably second and this team third,” Ryan said yesterday. “Our organization does a tremendous job of helping our players any way they possibly can, but in this situation our players are no different than anybody else in the community, and that’s the way it should be. And those are things everybody in the area have to deal with, and our players aren’t exempt from that.”

I admit that I was frustrated the team didn't require them to come back late in the week after the abysmal loss that the Jets had to the Dolphins, but maybe this will act as a reset button all the same.  Now that they've been away, watching everything that's been going on, maybe the coaches and players will be able to focus on football and somehow keep the narrow margin at bay over the next two months.

Still, it sounds like the Jets players are grateful for the grace that the team gave them to deal with the storms instead of keeping them at the facility last week.  According to Dyer, Mike DeVito told him that “[t]he team did the right thing closing it down and making sure we were able to take care of ourselves. We’re just happy to be back though.”

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