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During Jets training camp, a number of players will be sharing their thoughts and experiences from their first NFL season. Rookie Dakota Dozier is up next with a quick take on his first professional training camp. The South Carolina native was a fourth-round pick out of Furman in the 2014 NFL Draft...

Camp's been great. Obviously, it’s my first one, so I’m still getting a feel for how everything works. But I've been here for a while now. You have your meetings, practice, walk-through, all that, just using every opportunity to get better. That’s what I’m trying to do.

A normal day: You get up early and get to breakfast. If it’s a weights day, you go to weights, if not, then you got meetings and practice. When you finish, if you’re banged up a bit you have to get to the treatment room. Then you get lunch, then more meetings and a walk-through. Rookies have an additional meeting after dinner. So, it’s a long day.

I feel like I’ve been handling it as best as I can. Just realizing that this is a great opportunity and to take every chance I have to get better. Don’t let anything get past me. Just make the most of it.

I feel like every time you go up a level there’s going to be more time you have to put into it. There’s a lot more meeting time, but there’s also a lot more responsibility, too, when you’re by yourself, to learn the little nuances and everything you can.

The playbook is a lot bigger and a lot different from the college playbook. But I do feel like I’ve spent a good bit of time in it. You can never spend enough time in it. Every day, I’m just trying to pick up more and more.

I feel like my transition to guard [from tackle] has been pretty good. Obviously there’s still times when it’s kind of difficult, but I played tackle for almost my entire football career. So every day, I’m a guard now, and I’m going to be the best I can be at guard.

Dozier, the 6 foot 4, 312 pounder was a unanimous FCS All-American at Furman. He was the first lineman drafted out of Furman since 1963.

Dozier started in nearly every game during his four-year career, serving as team captain in 2013.

Earlier this summer, during his initial transition to guard, Rex Ryan said this of the rookie: "We’ve put [Dozier] in there, right side, left side, different things, and he’s done good things."

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