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In case you missed it, last week Matt Williamson graded the AFC teams and how they improved via free agency and the draft. There's been a lot of shade cast on the Jets moves, but Williamson didn't see it that way at all.

Here's a few of the choicer quotes from the ESPN Insider article (some more info on the AFCE blog), like this one about the overall status of the team's work, giving the team a B- overall.

Many criticize the Jets and what seems like a circus-like environment around this organization, but I think this front office has done a solid job this offseason. The Jets did lose a lot, but many of these players needed to go.
And this about the common thread in the moves made at the quarterback position

.... they signed David Garrard (who has since retired) and drafted Geno Smith to improve the awful quarterback situation. What do these two have in common? They both value the football and rarely throw egregious interceptions. With a defensive mastermind as the head coach and a power running game as the foundation of the offense, valuing the football is imperative at the quarterback position -- which obviously was a problem last season.
On the Jets second first rounder, Sheldon Richardson ...

Richardson does not look like a fit in Rex Ryan's 3-4 scheme, but he was the best interior pass-rusher from this draft class and Ryan will employ a multitude of fronts, including quite a bit of 4-3 and 46.
And this on the defense as a whole ...

Pass rush was obviously needed, but strengthening the interior pass rush while allowing Ryan more freedom to blitz with improved cornerback play could have the same result as bringing in a traditional edge rusher. Also, [Antwan] Barnes has a history of edge-rushing productivity if he isn't overused.
Kristian Dyer said last week on the podcast that he believes this team might surprise a few folks, is Williamson saying the same thing?  The team isn't going to rule by offense, and the massive changeover on defense has analysts doubting ... but could the reloading of the defense along with a conservative control offense be the ticket?

It was in 2009  ...

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