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With the largest declaration of underclassmen in a draft ever, the Jets scouting staff was prepared for a big group according to Eric Allen's article on the Jets official website.

An additional challenge in the scouting process: An NFL-record 73 underclassmen have declared for the draft.

“We told the scouts to look at the juniors who we thought might be coming out. Be prepared to know what kind of player he is just in case he does come out,” Bauer said. “The worst part is when a college staff got fired or they left. The new staff doesn't know the junior players, so then you have to go track down the coaches who were there.”

It's good to hear that the Jets expected a rather large underclassman group this year and have done as many checks as they could.  From looking at some big boards by draftniks, there's potentially 20 first rounders that might be underclassmen in 2013 ... wow.  While there's a finite number of visits that the team gets to make with players either at the Combine or in invitations to their facility, the Jets are obviously doing as much as they can to get as much data on as many of these guys as possible.

Finding a quarterback in this draft might be like finding a needle in a haystack, but it's deep in many other areas where the Jets have severe need so that's some consolation.

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