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One of the big concerns that was voiced this summer was about the leadership of this team.  With Mark Sanchez getting marginalized, who would take a more vocal approach to leading this team?  According to Seth Walder of the Daily News, Brick has taken on the job this season with the loss of Brandon Moore.

It took a little convincing — Ferguson has never been mistaken for being loquacious. “At one point I had asked him to talk to the young linemen. He waited a couple days, thought about it, then during one of the minicamp sessions asked if he could speak,” said offensive line coach Mike Devlin. “He started to go, (and) I legitimately put down the clicker. I then started writing notes. Because I’d never heard someone dissect it (like that). Brick’s a quiet guy, but his approach is different than I ever heard before.”
Often it is the quiet ones who are the ones with the best stuff to say ... it's just about getting them to say it. It's good to see that Brick is taking this on and his input could be a big part of helping some of the younger guys on this line.  Especially now with Austin Howard still learning his job and now Brian Winters planning to start tomorrow night for the first time.

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