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With many an "other shoe to drop" in the coming weeks, the status of Jets QB coach Matt Cavanaugh might be one of the most awaited firings/non-retentions of the new year.  While the Jets QB coach had the thankless task of working with Mark Sanchez, according to the Daily News it now appears that Cavanaugh won't be back this year no matter who is taking snaps from center.

Cavanaugh has long been a lightning rod with the uneven development of the Jets quarterback.  With Mark Sanchez's inability to break the 60% completion plane in his four seasons with the Jets, Mark Sanchez's poor mechanics, bad decision-making and mortal hesitance all factored in to the decision.  No matter what happens, the Jets need some new blood at the quarterback coaching spot however they move forward based on the dismal slide since 2011. Still, it was Sanchez who lauded Cavanaugh repeatedly in 2011 as a key reason why the Jets grew in leaps and bounds in their red zone success - not the work of Schotty or "consultant" Tom Moore.  More than likely, the success was attributable to former Jets WR Plaxico Burress who was a force inside the 20s, but almost nowhere else.

Either way, the Jets are right to move on from a failed experiment with Matt Cavanaugh.

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