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The Jets are "very interested" in Michael Vick (Cimini, March 11).

Vick has told some Eagles teammates that he believes his most likely destination is with the Jets (Freeman, March 11).

Rex Ryan was interested in adding Vick going back to his Bahamas trip after the 2012 season when it was leaked he would love to add a player like Mike Vick to the Jets to make the team more dynamic on offense. Ties to former OC Marty Mornhinweg and John Idzik's refusal to ordain Geno Smith the 2014 starter all have combined to make what looks like a rather attractive opportunity for Vick, considering he wants to play and not backup first and foremost.

Just because the Jets would sign Vick doesn't guarantee Geno will be on the bench at the start and/or at the end of the 2014 season. Still, Vick represents, by far, the best competition Smith could see this summer. The Jets have the money to afford paying Vick what he wants -- rumored to be north of $5 million per year for a deal that is at least two years.

If the Jets are to add Vick it doesn't necessarily mean that they are scrapping their plans to go to a more run-focused offense ... they still might add more running plays as a way to protect Vick from injury ... something that has been a big issue for him since he joined Philly and even prior during his days in Atlanta.

There are, of course, past federal legal troubles that we know will turn many Jets fans off on bringing him to the team. And justifiably so. While adding Vick might make the most sense on the field, many will have a visceral reaction to his past. Beyond this, there could also be serious concerns about bringing back what might be construed as a "circus" environment to the Jets after a painful 2012 season that many fans aren't looking forward to seeing return any time soon.

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