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On Sunday, the Jets fell to the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte. Here, we grade the team’s offense, defense and special teams:

Offense: C

The Jets offense actually played decently against a very good Panthers defense.  The Jets were able to run the ball against one of the league's best run-stoppers, but weren't able to generate the yards on the ground required when the Jets got in a hole.  

Geno Smith didn't have the best day, but his interception didn't come until the fourth quarter when he was pressing to get back in the game from a 3rd and 11.  For the talking that Santonio Holmes did, he didn't show much on the field, only catching two of the eight passes in which he was targeted.  Twice, Holmes dropped catchable passes.

Defense: C

Don't look at the points totals.  One touchdown came off the pick six.  The other as a result of the punt block.  Yes the defense was on the field for the short drive after the block, but 14 points came as a result of circumstances out of control of the defense.

The Panthers had too many options available for a dynamic talent in Cam Newton.  The Jets did their best to slow down the Panthers and did well for most of the game.  Still, the Jets didn't have many answers for the Panthers offense in the first half and it put the Jets in a tough situation to dig out of.  Even so, the Jets held Newton in the pocket much of the game and Muhammad Wilkerson had another dominant game.

Special Teams: D

The Jets special teams didn't have a great day, but they avoid the F because of Nick Folk's career long 54 yarder.

The Panthers did their homework and caught the Jets napping in their three-flyer formation and were able to block a punt -- something that has not happened for the Jets since 2007.  

Also, the poorly executed on-side kick was a head scratcher.  Rather than kick the ball into the turf for the bounce, the Jets tried rolling it on the ground after laying it sideways on the turf.  The ball didn't even travel the full ten yards anyway, even though it was awarded to the Panthers.  

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