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According to NFL Network's Albert Breer, the Jets were onto the Patriots long before the final penalty of the game was called.

Now that this has come out, I'm sure there will be an outcry that the officials were playing favorites.  That's a naive view.  Alerting officials is a common practice among coaches and often takes place prior to games if coaches have seen rules violations that went uncalled in previous games.  For example, the Jets did the same thing last year against the Patriots regarding their substitution practices on their hurry-up offense.  To imagine Patriots coaches don't ever make points of emphasis with officials is ludicrous.  What is ludicrous is trying to get away with the same play maneuver two weeks in a row.

The Patriots knew what they were doing and attempted to gain an advantage on a driven kick (lower trajectory than normal) from that distance.  That's exactly where such a kick would get blocked and ESPN analyst Mike Westhoff said as much last night on radio.  Westhoff also said "I would never coach that" because he knows it is against the rules this year and more importantly, that it is a dirty tactic that puts unfair leverage on centers and guards.

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