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It seems that Jets WR David Nelson did a random act of kindness on the Internet this week, the Star-Ledger reports that the Jets receiver offered up his autograph to a fan who was unabashedly seeking out Geno's John Han ... nevermind ... on the website Reddit.

Three days ago, a Reddit user with the optimistic name JetsWillWinSuperbowl sent out a request on the site under the title "Anybody have a hookup to get a ball signed by Geno?": "I'm not gonna give you some sob story or anything. I'm just a 21 year old kid who loves the Jets and Geno Smith. I know a lot of people on this forum have connections and of course I would be willing to pay. Thank you very much, this probably gets buried but even if one person who might be able to help sees it that would be awesome."

Nelson, who's also known for his charity work especially after he gave 15-year-old orphan Davion Only a tour of New York last month, responded to the request.

"Hey man, I saw this post and love your spirit. I'm no Geno Smith, but if you're interested in Jets autographs, I can offer you mine. Email me your name and address and I'll send something out to you. ... Thanks for being a great Jets fan, and I hope you're excited for next season like we all are!"

Boy, that guy wasn't kidding when he wrote in the initial post that "I know a lot of people on this forum have connections." It just goes to show, you never know who is reading what you are writing on the Internet!  This is a great example of how the Internet can bring fans and players together in the most randomly awesome ways.

I have to say that is a pretty cool move by Nelson to engage the fan and offer him something when he didn't have to do a thing at all. We look forward to more from Nelson on this team in 2014.

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