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Here's a quick barnstorming of New York football.

LaRon Landry Wants to Come Back -- Landry enjoyed playing in New York and had his first Pro Bowl season in many years with the squad, so it's hard to blame him that he wants to come back to the team.  Yesterday he joined NFL32 on ESPN and said as much.  Even so, with the Jets up against the wall from a cap perspective, Landry will have a tough decision to make.  To return, he's not going to get the lucrative deal he desires -- at least against the 2013 cap.  So while Landry played on a heavy incentive laden contract in 2012 while he proved he could remain healthy for a decision, it's going to be up to him to chose whether they payday or playing in New York matters more.  That's a lof of bananas at stake for Gucci!

Carrying Over -- According to PFT, the Jets cap carry over number to 2013 is $3.4 million.  It's not a lot, but it will allow the Jets just a little more wiggle room as they maneuver the 2013 cap.  What's amazing is seeing a team like the Eagles with $23 million in cap carryover ... how'd they do that?  Also, note that the Seahawks were the team with the 6th most cap carryover space with $13.2 million.  Being able to finagle that much money to carry over would have been in the radar of John Idzik, so it's  good sign for the Jets going forward.

Mo and Co -- Yesterday the Jets tweeted that Wilkerson had one of the greatest seasons of defensive linemen for Rex Ryan in his time in New York.  Connor Orr wrote that Quinton Coples said that one of the reasons his game got better at the end of the season was the rising tide of Wilkerson.  If this team could pair those two with a halfway decent pass rusher on the outside, this front seven could get fearsome against the pass very quickly.

Ahmad's Out -- While it seems somewhat shocking that the Giants would cut Ahmad Bradshaw, when you look how productive Andre Brown and David Wilson were for the Giants over the course of the season, you can see why the Giants wanted to take the cap savings that cutting Bradshaw allowed them.  Bradshaw isn't sure if he will return to the Giants in 2013, but he now might be the best or second best running back in free agency.  Could the Jets try and make a play for him?  Bradshaw is a good back between the tackles, is a good receiver and has much improved blocking skills in the passing game.  Of course, he's suffered with injuries over the past few years but admitted he should have had his foot surgery two years ago, he also was injured for the season's finale and is planning to use this offseason to get healthy again.  From a football standpoint, I think Bradshaw would be a great fit for the Jets, but from a money standpoint I think that's the non-starter for the crosstown team.

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