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A look at the Jets in this pre-free agency weekend.

Shutdown Crickets -- I love Darrelle Revis as a Jet, I think he's a cornerstone of this team, but are any NFL teams putting out the vibe that they are interested in him?  It's been crickets.  What would teams be trading for?  The answer to this question is not one I've seen widely discussed.  A year from seemingly inevitable free agency, teams are trading for the exclusive rights to negotiate a massive $16-17 million per year contract (likely over 5 or 6 years) with the league's best cornerback.  And for that luxury the Jets could be asking for "bushels" of draft picks.  Woody Johnson seems to have forsworn re-signing him to a new deal, so at this point and now the Jets are backed into getting what value they can before he hits free agency next year and then takes a $9 million bite into the 2014 cap on his way out the door.  If I was a mildly interested GM, I'd be rooting for no team to pick Revis up in a trade, so that I could just sign him to a deal next year based after carefully watching his performance this season.  I don't doubt that most teams would rather have Revis on their team than elsewhere, but the cost of appeasing both Revis and Johnson is too high.  Maybe once summer comes, the value of draft picks will be perceptively diminished ("that's not 'til next year!") and Revis will command more from teams, but I think the lack of interest now shows the high hurdle that trading a player, even of Revis' abilities, actually is.

Mangold News Coming This Week? -- I have no knowledge of the situation, but other of the high priced players on the team in years's past have restructured some of their bonuses or salaries to make them more cap friendly to the team.  This year it's Mangold's turn and converting his $3 million roster due next week, could help save the Jets $2.4 million by guaranteeing it and prorating over the next five seasons.  This would give the Jets some additional money to work with ... if the Jets feel very confident in Mangold's long-term status, then they should consider asking Mangold to convert his salary as well, which could free up some real space (at the expense of future cap hits, of course).

Holmes Base -- The Jets are super serial about Santonio Holmes restructuring, and it's good that Holmes' side is at least still listening, but his motivation to do a deal seems unlikely.  More and more I keep thinking back to that short window in January 2012 after the way things went with Santonio in 2011 that they could have realistically cut him and gotten out from under his contract ... somewhat ... if Holmes doesn't restructure I think that was the crossroads that the Jets would have been wiser to take.

Mum on Restructures -- Speaking of theoretical contract restructuring, there's no chance that Mark Sanchez is or will restructure his deal, but if the team is approach Holmes about it, there's zero chance they didn't try and talk to Sanchez.  Let's face it, when it comes to dollars the taps are about to go very dry for the Sanchez family after this season.  But as free agency looms and the Jets are stucker than stuck ... let's be clear.  It's in NO ONE's best interest who knows the situation (whether Sanchez's camp or Jets front office) to say they approached Sanchez about a restructure to help the team that was then rebuffed.  It makes Sanchez look selfish and the Jets look impotent ... it would be like salting the wound after pouring lemon juice in it.  Both sides will just live in this loveless marriage until next season when the kids go off to college.

Adios, Nick Folk -- I don't expect that Nick Folk will return to the Jets if he can find anyone else who is willing to take him first.  I expect the Jets will be in the market for another journeyman kicker soon enough.

The Year of the Promotion -- With so much money tied up and many questions at who will be able to contribute from this draft class, I fully expect players many players that are already on the roster to get playing time boosts. It's not like the Jets have many choices ... of course this then causes me to think the Jets are heading for a 2005 or 2007 type season.  Even so, look for players like Bilal Powell, Jeff Cumberland, Josh Bush, Ricky Sapp ... and most notably Demario Davis based on Rex's comments earlier to ticketholders this week to be playing a lot more football come this fall.

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