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Here's a few odds and ends leftover from Sundays' game.

We Are Young -- Calvin Pace believes that if the defense can hold the fort until the offense has a little time to mature, the Jets could be quite dangerous, per ESPN.  "We're going to have to be extraordinary this year because we're so young," Pace said Sunday night. "Once Geno gets his feet under him and starts to feel confident in the pro game, then it's going to be really good. But we're going to have to hold them off a while [as a defense], and that's fine with us. We had to do the same thing with Mark when he was a rookie."  The defense has been overhauled, but as we said all offseason will be led by a fearsome line and a deep group of corners.  The one big difference? The running game is much more of a question mark than it was in 2009 and so the Jets might have to rely more on passing than they did once upon a time ...

Timing is Everything -- A lot is being made of whether or not Ryan was unable to get the clock stopped near the end of the game.  While it was clear that Ryan was screaming for a timeout, the Jets coach was asked about the matter in the Monday press conference, and Ryan was circumspect about the situation.  “I’m not going to get into it,” Ryan told reporters. “A similar situation happened right before the half.  Between 12 and 15 seconds ran off, I think, right before the first half as well. Not sure why.”  Ryan is rarely tight-lipped, indicating Ryan disapproves of the officiating, but knows he is saving himself a fine by saying nothing.

Riding the Bench -- I remember why I don't listen to Stephen A Smith.  On his Monday radio show, Stephen A hinted that Geno Smith stood up on the bench at the end of the game because he expected his teammates to carry him off the field in what we can only assume was some sort of elaborate re-enactment of the A+ scene in A Christmas Story.  Yes, that's it exactly Stephen A, Geno was practicing his victory clasp in front of a mirror all week ...

Off to Dr. Andrews -- Mark Sanchez won't be active again this week against the Patriots, and is seeking a second opinion on his shoulder injury.  This is a good thing, but also indicates the severity of the injury.  What seems odd is just how long it has taken the Jets and Sanchez to reach out for a second opinion, but it might make more sense if there is a disagreement on whether or not the Jets should shelve Sanchez or let him occupy a roster spot as a backup.  My guess is that Sanchez would want to avoid surgery to help the perception of his cause of finding a job somewhere else next year.


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