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Some reactions from last night's big game.

Always Close -- While I thought it would be a close game that the Niners would eventually run away with at the end of the game, watching Super Bowls over the last decade has been nail-biting  each time.  Gone are the days of lopsided blowouts.  While the power outage might have helped the Niners regain their composure, the game was well matched despite the first half score.  That might be one of the more memorable recent Super Bowl games for me just watching the Niners climb back in that game with a dynamic offense ... and their impressive defense ... wow that got good.  Even so, congrats to the Ravens on their well-deserved championship.

Picking Bogers -- There were a lot of raised eyebrows around Jerome Boger getting the nod to ref the Super Bowl.  Terrell Suggs made it clear during media day that Boger's crew wasn't on his Christmas card list and it's somewhat poetic to see that in a season starting with a hoopla over officiating, that it seems to have ended with one too.  Ravens CB Cary Williams deserved an ejection for shoving an official during a first half scrum.  Now maybe Boger didn't think that Williams had malice in his heart and that's why there was no call.  Speaking of no-calls, the non-holding holding call at 1:46 remaining on the Ravens 5 was one that practically you see why shouldn't get flagged because of the implications it would have had on the game one way or another, but still probably should have.  My prediction?  Hochuli's guns go sleeveless in East Rutherford in 2014.

All Too Much -- I thought that the game hinged on the quarterbacks and that seemed to be the case.  While Kaepernick has struggled with the play clock all season, he had a tough time in the first half.  Still, Kaepernick leveled out and began to show why the Pistol can be so lethal, even against a much respected defense like the Ravens.  Option plays run against big front sevens can spell doom as it gives the quarterback the chance to hand off, keep or throw  based on how the play unfolds.  Now, defensive coordinators around the league will work hard this spring to figure out how to successfully stop the Pistol more often than not.

An Impact Player on an Impact Squad? -- When rumors started leaking that Darrelle Revis was interested in a trade and that the Niners might be a team that could be in the mix for his services, it seems like most Niners fans didn't think it worth the expense.  This morning as Niner Nation wakes up and thinks about 2013, do they feel like having a player like Darrelle Revis could have made an impact in that game after watching Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin slowly tear apart the Niners second half run at the bitter end?

The Greatest ... What, Exactly? -- Randy Moss can say whatever he wants about being the greatest to play the game, but the simple truth is that to be the greatest, one has to give the greatest effort and dating all the way back to Minnesota he's never done that.  Randy Moss might make an argument to be the greatest talent to have played, but too often he looks too disinterested to dive for a pass, put his hands up on that interception, or make an effort of any kind.  In comparison, while Ray Lewis might be a hot "it's not about me, but it's about me" mess and is much slower than he was just a few years ago, but at least he understands what it takes to play and is willing to give everything he can to stay in the league and play at a high level.

Wisdom in 30 Second Slots -- I love Super Bowl commercials, there were two that I think we can apply to the Jets.  First, the Audi commercial reminded us that #BraveryWins ...

After what I saw from Mark Sanchez in 2012, I don't know if he agrees.  As Bent proved week after week after week in the BGA posts that for Mark, #CautionRules.  Rules, NOT wins.  Sanchez is ruled by caution.  We all saw the irony in countless picked off checkdowns over the last two years that even when being cautious, Sanchez still loses.  Watching the playoffs and seeing the velocity and accuracy of playoff quarterbacks reminded me how categorically Mark Sanchez does not fit in that class.  Short passes in the middle of the field and comeback routes on the outside seem to be the staples of Sanchez's diet.  He can rarely lead a receiver on over the outside shoulder along the sideline like we saw time and time against from Colin Kaepernick ... so where does that leave us?

It leaves us with gimmicks and GRE analogies.

Wildcat : 2012 Jets :: Gangnam Style : SB47 pistacchio commercial

I'm sure the decision to do that ad in Octobor looked like a master stroke, but the bloom was already off the rose once Gangnam Style rose to it's short prominence.  There's nothing so uncool as something that's unironically outdated ... and maybe that's why the Jets "too late to the party" 2012 Wildcat debacle made a bad season look abysmal.  The worst part for me though was that they couldn't even commit to their own bad plan ... which appeared to everyone like the Jets were standing still in the middle of a highway.  The Jets need to find the next big thing, not chase it ... something that's a bit concerning for a head coach who until his fourth postseason press conference, didn't seem to know what he wanted on offense and even then wasn't necessarily definitive.  Let's see where the Jets go from here ...

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