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Uh oh, more details about the comments Ryan might've made privately that were then reported in the Daily News? ESPN NY's Rich Cimini has the story.

Bemoaning the plight of his team in a recent staff meeting, Rex Ryan considered the grim circumstances -- the roster, the quarterback situation, the salary cap, etc. -- and remarked that he'd be better off getting fired, according to a team source. The source said Ryan was joking.
Then this interesting tidbit further on...

Ryan hasn't received a vote of confidence, publicly or privately, from Johnson, according to sources. Johnson hasn't been seen around the facility as much as usual, fueling speculation within the building. Everyone is in the dark, waiting for Johnson to do something -- or nothing at all.
So apparently as we concluded yesterday, there is some fire to this smoke. All jokes have a grain of truth ... maybe that's why Rex reacted so emotionally to it?

In the absence of the affirmation of his boss, I'm sure his head is spinning, as the article notes.

From what we hear inside the organization, there is in fact a lot of uncertainty, and maybe even a resigned fatalism among front office staff. The John Griffin re-signing is a perfect example. The front office is plainly trying to get some future type contracts out there to the guys who the team has been stringing along between the 53 and expanded roster window. Expect more of those type of players back even as the heads start to roll on Monday.

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