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With many starters out, the Jets offense has been searching for go-to players, and second year receiver Jeremy Kerley is emerging as a trusted option for quarterback Mark Sanchez.  But after coming on strong at the end of his rookie season, Kerley hit a road bump this summer during training camp when Rex Ryan had some critical comments about Kerley.

According to Metro, Kerley heard the comments Ryan made at the time, and doesn't think Rex was wrong in calling him out.

“I think everything [Ryan] said was right on time. I should have been out there in training camp, but I don’t think being out hindered me in any way. I still got the mental reps in,” Kerley told Metro. “I hope now that people say I’m kind of serious.”

After making those training camp comments, Ryan did pull his young receiver aside to speak with him. Kerley acknowledged the moment but says, “He did but be didn’t have to. It was kind of something I already knew myself.”

It's not often that you'd find a player in the league, let alone a receiver who would willingly admit that they needed some correction - gentle or otherwise.  When I watch and learn more about Kerley he reminds me of a younger version of Jerricho Cotchery.  Not necessarily flashy, but a good contributor to the team able to make some great plays because of his quickness.  Hopefully his little run-in this summer with the coach will keep him going the right direction ... it sounds like it based on his hope that everyone says he's 'kind of serious.'

I like Kerley's potential and his role as the team's slot receiver looks secure for a while, but my hope last offseason when all the nonsense came out in the public about Santonio was to hope that Kerley could take on a larger role for the Jets as a potential future starter.   I still think that's a possibility, but worry that the Jets have locked themselves into Tone for this year as well as next, so we should expect Tone back as a starter next year.

Even so, Kerley is going to get the opportunity to prove just how capable a player he can be for the team going forward over the rest of the season ... so we'll get a good sense of what direction the team might go based on his production.

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