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Shortly ago today, Mike Westhoff addressed the media in what might be his last time as an NFL coach.

We'll miss Mike Westhoff dearly and we'll write something up about that in the next day or two, but in the meantime -- this is a bittersweet day. He was a constant on this team now for many years and the Jets were lucky to keep a guy who is one of the very best in the business around their organization as long as they had. We're so proud of Westhoff, but so sorry that he's leaving the team. Special Teams excellence has been a given on the team for so many years now, it's hard to imagine what the future will look like without him and how the Jets will adjust.

We're unsure ... is this the first official time that we've heard the Jets say openly that Kotwica is the new man in charge? Of course it's been expected for a long time. With the naming of Kotwica, my concern is with the way special teams played in 2012. Was Kotwica already running the show on gameday? Either it's a sign of bad things to come or we can hope Kotwica can tighten it up between now and next year.

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