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While the Jets might not be looking to use their first round pick on a QB in 2013, how are some of the other QBs who project to go deeper in the draft sizing up?  OU's Landry Jones had his Pro Day on Wednesday, and it sounds like he got off to a shaky start.

After a rough start that included a wobbly deep ball, Jones settled in to his throwing session. He threw to receivers including fellow draft-eligible player Kenny Stills, former OU receiversCameron Kenney and Mark Clayton and former San Diego State standout Brett Swain.

“That first ball didn’t come out necessarily the way I wanted to but sometimes it happens on that deep ball stuff,” Jones said. “We got a good laugh out of it and once that was over, played ball and threw it well.

“I think it might’ve been just a little nerves. I tried to overthrow it.”

It's not the worst thing in the world, but the point here is that these workouts are scripted for months in advance of these Pro Days.  It's understandable that Jones would have some nerves and it's good that he responded favorably, but if he's nervous in front of a bunch of scouts without an outside linebacker bearing down on him, how's he going to do in pads front of 60,000 hostile fans in a game on Sunday?  NFL scouts are looking for any reason to question a  player's ability to transition to the pros.

There's a lot of questions around Jones, but there's a lot of promise based on his 3.5 years starting in college.  Jones padded stats against bad teams, but can he put some of his issues behind him in the pros?  Jones has been working with George Whitfield Jr., which is never a bad thing.  Whitfield has worked with QBs like Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton and Andrew Luck at his San Diego based sports academy and Whitfield is known for his skill in perfecting the game of the QBs he works with.

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