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There's been a lot of chirping between the Jets and the Dolphins so far this season, which have stemmed from comments prior to the first matchup in which Rex Ryan said he wanted extra attention ("hot sauce") paid to Reggie Bush since he's such an important component of their offense.

Reggie Bush doesn't believe Ryan's explanation and also isn't taking back his "what goes around comes around" comments about Darrelle Revis' injury as a result of Rex's hot sauce covered bad karma.

Trying to deflate the matter, Ryan said he was sorry and was looking to Bush's reaction.

"I apologized for my comment," Ryan told reporters yesterday. "I expect him to do the same."

"I'm sure he kind of got caught up in the moment," Ryan explained of Bush's comments. "He was injured. I mean, obviously, no one likes to get hurt. And that certainly wasn't my intention and I hope he understands. But he doesn't have to ever say anything to me, or even reach out to Revis."

"I never want to hurt a player in this league," Ryan said of his September comments.  "This league is better if Reggie Bush is healthy and playing."

Even so, Reggie Bush didn't seem to believe Rex's comments leading up to the last week were take out of context or otherwise misinterpreted.

"I don't believe that at all," Bush said Wednesday.

Bush then dug deep into his logical reasoning, and pulled out the flawless backseat sibling logic:

"They're the ones that started it."


While Rex doesn't appear to be escalating the war of words, his players certainly aren't shying away.

Jets safety LaRon Landry, who has referred to himself as the spice (hot sauce?!?) in the gumbo, told Manish Mehta of the Daily News that he's not going to do anything different this Sunday than he did in their last meeting -- and he can't wait to see Reggie Bush on the playing field.


Landry, a notorious hard hitter, curiously admitted that he isn’t going to change his physical style moving forward even though it appeared that the play that Bush was hurt wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

"If I get penalized, I'm not going to stop hitting or head hunting,” Landry said. “I'm not going to stop the way I play.”

"Just watch the way (Bush) runs on Sunday,” Landry added. “I'm not going to overtalk it or make it a story.”

In other words "forget the hot sauce, cause I'm your huckleberry."

Of course, deputy Aaron Maybin wants to do it with on the up-and-up.

"We want to knock him out, but we're out to do it legally," linebacker Aaron Maybin told reporters.

We'll see come Sunday and how the game plays out, but the Jets are going to need to stop the run to stay in this game.  They weren't able to do it last time, but hopefully their defense is coming together and they'll be ready for the challenge.

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