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It might be that no players will get suspended from the fracas that erupted near the Patriots sideline last Thursday, but Mike Florio reports on PFT that many players on both sides should expect fines based on their actions in the melee.

Colon and Ferguson were the primary aggressors for the Jets, but offensive lineman Vlad Ducasse also enters the fray. Ducasse doesn’t seem to take a swing at anyone, but he quickly becomes a pin cushion for fists/open hands to the head from Patriots defensive lineman Michael Buchanan, Patriots defensive lineman Joe Vellano, and Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who knows a thing or two about taking swings at people.

Apparently stirred up by a head butt from Colon, Dennard’s first effort at hitting Ducasse resulted in a swing, a miss, and a pratfall. Then, after both Dennard and Ducasse were pulled away from the action and presumably had begun to calm down, Pats quarterback Ryan Mallett gives Ducasse a one-armed shoulder shove, Ducasse shoves back, and here comes Alfonzo.

Fines for the game could come as soon as today, but but might take until Friday for the league to dole out the fines.  Yes, the Jets were frustrated, but we're glad to see that the Jets aren't going to be the only ones hurt by this.  The Patriots quickly got involved and escalated the issue as well.

As an aside, I'm glad to see that Ducasse is again mixing it up and getting in the way of the fight, even if he wasn't throwing punches, he didn't hesitate to get in harm's way.  Ducasse has come a long way and depending on how this year goes for the former second round pick, he might be an inexpensive starter for the Jets to maintain going forward as he faces free agency this coming offseason.

UPDATE: Great point by former Jets West Coast Scout Joe Bommarito this morning on the Jets-Patriots fight and keeping things in perspective.


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