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Yahoo! "Expert" Les Carpenter, a man known for loving his warm-weathered Super Bowl junkets, wrote an article about Tim Tebow, saying that he's an unwanted player in New York, citing that Tim Tebow is a misunderstood soul who is hyper-talented, but his coaches are too blinded to see.

Allow me to let Carpenter give himself enough rope to hang any credibility he might have had.

The situations he is mostly thrown into are so obvious it's almost as if they are designed for him to fail. It seems clear that Jets coach Rex Ryan does not want Tebow. He doesn't want him as a starting quarterback. He doesn't want him as a backup quarterback. He doesn't want him as a wide receiver or fullback or a punt returner or any of the other things that Tebow can do so well. Ryan seems to not want Tebow anywhere near his offense.
This is some of the worst trollbait I have ever read.  The worst part?  It's not even grounded in reality.  I've never heard of Tim Tebow as a punt returner.  Did he ever do this?  High school?  He has no stats for it during his college days.  What would possess the Jets to move aside Jeremy Kerley, a guy who as a rookie had the ninth best punt return average in the league for their backup quarterback to do the same role in which Kerley was already excelling?

Has Carpenter seen him play wide receiver?  I have.

So where are all these "other things" that he does so well?

Yes, Les .... poor, poor amazingly talented Tim Tebow. If only people just understood that he could play every position in football! If only they'd let him snap the ball to himself and throw the ball downfield to himself!!!

We've said this at least 100 times. Tim Tebow is probably one of the best throwing running backs in the NFL. As a starter he's a limited player and the Jets would have to scrap more than half of their playbook. He's not great at blocking as a fullback and he obviously doesn't possess the skills to catch the football. The Jets like having a "Swiss Army" style player on their team, but even Brad Smith was not a great ball thrower ... that's why the Jets let him do it so infrequently ... and you might have seen the results of Smith's throwing yesterday.

Tebow is a limited talent, at best. I still believe that if Josh McDaniels doesn't pick Tebow in the first round, no one else would have done it. Tim Tebow has skills, but they are best used in a confined role. Of course could the Jets find a way to use Tebow more effectively and let the Wildcat / Spread option stay on the field more than they have so far? Yes, but the Jets have had bigger fish to fry.

Even so, it's the Jets prerogative to do what they want with Tebow. They were the ones who traded for him, so while they might be trying to find a fit for him, you can forgive the team if they don't rush to put him on the field every series in the midst of a rough start by their starting quarterback. Had Carpenter written about that, then he can base things off reality.

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