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This ain't no Olivia Newton John reference ... no no no no ... this is about Jets quarterback's sideline demeanor during the Jets game.  Sanchez was comporting himself in such a way that Bart Scott actually grabbed his facemask (see below) to tell him to keep his head up.

Remember last year when unnamed players on the offense were talking about 'cracks' in the offense? The Jets might have done their best to sand and spackle them over, but the cracks are starting to re-appear worse than before, most notably in the slumped shoulders and all around brooding of their overpaid quarterback.

Connor Orr of the Star-Ledger looked for some visible signs from the sideline body language of Mark Sanchez from the Jets loss to the Seahawks.

... it's pretty clear that Mark Sanchez shows a little frustration after getting taken out for Tim Tebow.

Sanchez had just completed a 32-yard pass to Dustin Keller in the fourth quarter with 13:07 to go. The Jets were only trailing by 14 at that point.

On the broadcast, Rich Gannon even makes a point of saying that the completion should keep Tebow on the bench for the rest of the game in order to let Sanchez get into a rhythm and bring the team downfield.

Instead, Tebow comes in and attempts a pass to Jeremy Kerley. Before the play, though, Sanchez is next to Tony Sparano and it looks like he's about to turn and say something to his offensive coordinator. Instead, he shrugs and puts his arms in the air.

I'm sorry, but the stench of death is starting to get pretty bad around the Jets.  There's little left to play for this season at this point, so the talk about turning it around rings hollow.  If Sanchez is going to be this impotent, as well as defeatist, there's no reason to not treat at least the last month of the season as an open audition for next year.  Anything less for the sake of the fans is maddening.

Here's some more that of Sanchez from throughout the game that Erik Manassy of JetsTwit put up on Instagram.

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