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I have to imagine given the recent rash of injuries and an obvious lack of quality depth at the offensive skill positions that "Trader" Mike Tannenbaum has to be working the phones trying to find some sort of deal that works. I don't think that there is a Braylon Edwards deal to be made out there but there are teams out there with a good amount of depth, specifically at receiver that may be good trade partners. After some pretty thorough combing of rosters throughout the league here is what I came up with. Granted this is merely speculation but who knows what will happen:


This is a running team with a rookie quarterback and is about five deep at wide receiver with: Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Braylon Edwards, Ben Obomanu, and Doug Baldwin. Let's face it, any one of these guys would be an upgrade to this unit, especially over a Jason Hill or Clyde Gates. Maybe you can fetch a Baldwin or Obomanu for a low pick or two but the question is would it be worth it?

- Odds of a deal happening: Moderate


Come on, Dan Snyder! The Skins are also pretty deep at wideout, maybe we could reacquire our old buddy Santana Moss to add a reliable veteran presence to this team. Moss would be an ideal fit on this team, although it doesn't necessarily gel with Rex's "younger, faster" philosophy: a) he knows how to run routes and b) can catch the ball. Enough said.

- Odds of a Deal Happening: Fairly Slim


This is the real wild card of the group, especially with Rex's twin brother Rob on the staff as defensive coordinator. The guy I would have my eyes on if I were the Jets would undoubtedly be former first round pick Felix Jones, who has fallen out of favor in big D, supplanted by DeMarco Murray. If you're looking for a guy to give a beleaguered running game a boost then look no further than Felix Jones.

Before injuries cost him his job, Jones was one of the most dynamic backs in the league and he is exactly what the Jets have been missing, a game breaker who can catch passes out of the backfield. Oh, and he is a pretty good return man as well. Earlier in the season there was speculation that he may be cut, well if that's the case then Felix Jones "Come on Down!"

- Odds of a Deal Happening: Moderate

*Just as a caveat, trades (especially in-season) are pretty rare and tough to work out but these were the three that seemed most logical given the Jets needs. Who knows what will ultimately happen but if Tannenbaum is worried about his job security a big splash may be in order. 

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