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While the last few days seemed to have quash any interest in teams like the Falcons and the Niners, Kristian Dyer writes in Metro that beyond teams not looking like they are lining up to trade for Darrelle Revis, any hopes by fans that Revis could command multiple first round picks is out of the question.

One AFC executive told Metro the internet banter about the Jets getting multiple first-round picks this year and next year “is a complete pipe dream with no basis in reality.” The executive spoke on the condition of anonymity because he isn’t allowed to comment publicly on personnel moves for other teams.

It is a point Savage concurred with, especially given the season-ending knee injury Revis suffered last year in Week 3.

“I think in this scenario that you think you’re going to get two No. 1 [picks] is probably unreasonable because of the injury and the fact that he did miss most of last year. But to think you’re going to get a first rounder — depending on where it is — are you going to get Kansas City’s first pick in the draft? I seriously would doubt that,” Savage said. “Maybe the No. 14 pick or the No. 24 plus something next year that might elevate from the third round to the second or a second rounder that would increase in value some way, that’s probably where I think this will fall.”

The Jets might be able to snag one first rounder out of any interested team, but to think that they would get two firsts is highly unlikely and the "bushels" of draft picks that the Jets seem to be entitled to by trading Darrelle Revis isn't proving out.  Using the example of the Eagles.   It's highly unlikely they will give up their fourth pick, but they would give up the 35th pick and then since it's a second, the Jets would want some sort of chicanery pick next year that has the ability to escalate to the first round ... but won't be likley.  Injury, contract, Jets need to move the player ... all seem to be conspiring against that sort of compensation.

Dyer also got a quote from the unnnamed AFC executive who said that "to say that a deal is quickly forthcoming, from everything I’ve seen, is not accurate."


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