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Some thought-provoking (yes really) stuff at the top of Peter King's column today in relation to this draft class.

It's not going to be a household-name draft. There's a good chance there will be more defensive tackles taken in the first round than quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers combined.

Color this draft blue ... as in blue-collar. Best position groups in the draft: offensive line and defensive tackle. Safety is good too, with a smattering of linebackers and defensive ends -- though there are no Von Miller-type pass rushers in the draft.

Good luck in trading those high picks. "If you're a playoff team this year, you have to be laughing,'' NFL Network draft czar Mike Mayock said between tape sessions Sunday evening. "First, I don't see much difference between the fifth and 25th picks this year. And I don't really see the immediate difference-makers in the top 10.''

Trading down is going to be hard in this draft.  Unless someone wants to move up to take a very specific player like Geno Smith or something like that, it's going to be hard for the top ten teams to slide back since there's many similar players all bound so closely together.  Mayock's 5th-25th assessment is valid because of the glut of talent in this class.  With 73 underclassmen who declared, this class is very good ... but maybe not in a normal distribution of positions.  There's going to be about 20 underclassmen taken in the first round alone ... something which seems to validate the level playing field across that range of picks.  That said, it also conversely could mean that a player taken at 39 (for instance) might be just as valuable as a player taken in the back half of the first.

This draft class is heavy in many non-standard areas, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing for the Jets.  The value at positions like running back and wide receiver is going to be good in the second third and fourth rounds ... maybe deeper.  This is going to be a good class for the Jets to pick up three starters easily if they just stay put and draft smartly.  Then the Jets might be even able to find heavy first year contributors further on down the road.  The Jets have needs at the outside linebacker spot, on the offensive line and at safety and then of course all skills spots ... while it might be abnormal ... I think this draft class is actually set up well for the Jets specific problems and cap issues ...

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