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Here's a rather amusing passage from Sports On Earth's Mike Tanier.  In an article where he answers questions about the upcoming NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Tanier writes what the New York Jets press conferences look like to outside reporters.

Let's lighten the mood. How will the Rex Ryan and John Idzik pressers go?

Idzik and Ryan will be peppered with questions about Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes that we all know the answers to. (Both will be cut.) They will give the usual polite, non-committal answers corporations give to questions that cannot really be answered publically, with Ryan putting his winking little spin on his responses. The New York media will then parse the answers and ask the same questions with different wording in a vain effort to get Idzik or Ryan to slip and say something like "Santonio Holmes is a weenie and we have just emptied the contents of his locker into the team incinerator." This will go on for two 15-minute stages. Then the New York papers will write things up to make the Jets look like a dysfunctional organization with an out-of-control culture; Ryan and Idzik would have a point if they announced that the feeling was mutual.

When the Jets really do something dysfunctional and out of control, I will be there with my joke book. But the dance between the team and the Big Apple media has gotten ritualized, like a Medieval passion play.

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