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The last pick of the Jets 2013 was used on Tommy Bohanon.  When Bohanon was taking the call from the Jets GM, Brad Idzik (John Idzik's son) was in the same room at a draft party for Bohanon.  This we now know thanks to some sleuthing from Kristian Dyer of Metro.

Everyone wanted in on the big moment, so the entire party quieted down and followed him outside. Bohanon put the call on speakerphone so he could hear better. College teammate Brad Idzik was nearby and could hear everything coming out of the phone.

“It was then that Brad said ‘Is that my dad?’ Then I was like, ‘Yeah, it is.’ To be on the phone with him and have his son right there? That’s a little crazy,” Bohanon said.

It doesn't sound like Bohanon asked Brad to put in a good word for him, but we're sure that Idzik saw Bohanon play enough over his son's time at Wake Forest that the pick might be indicative of John's abilities as a scout.  As far as Bohanon's role, it sounds as if he was more pass-catching fullback than hard-nosed blocker.

The Demon Deacons ran a spread option offense where Bohanon lined up more as an H-back and ran routes. It is his ability to catch the ball that makes him an ideal fit in the new West Coast offense brought in by offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

“I bring my versatility and that’s part of being a West Coast fullback. You need to be able to catch, you need to be able to run the ball and block. I think I’ll be able to do anything the offense needs me to do,” Bohanon said. “I just want to come in and compete and see how it all turns out in the fall.”

The last pass-catching fullback that the Jets incorporated into their offense in a West Coast system was Jerald Sowell.  Once the Jets abondoned the Hackett offense for the Heimerdinger version, the Jets didn't have the same need for a pass catching fullback.  Over the years the Jets tried a few experiments with the idea under Brian Schottenheimer with players like Stacey Tutt, but Bohanon might represent the first full return.

Lex Hilliard is on the roster, but he graded out poorly last year so it's hard to imagine him making the final roster with a player like a draftee like Bohanon waiting in the wings.  There will have to be some fluidity around the fullback / tight end spot on the Jets cutdown roster with players like Bohanon, Josh Baker and Hayden Smith all under contract, but it's starting to make sense that if the Jets want a fullback it's going to be more of the H-Back variety than the John Conner straight up thumper type.

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