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Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports had a scathing article tonight about the Jets and their handling of Revis, basically stating that when you start asking around, the Jets are holding Revis' agents at arms length while they field offers first and are making it hard on interested teams to get a real sense of what Revis wants or requires, making it much harder for interested teams to properly judge what compensation they would offer the Jets.

"If I'm making this deal, there's a lot of stuff I need to know," an NFC team executive said. "I need to know if he's healthy. I need to know if he wants to play for us. I need to know if I'm going to get a long-term deal or is this one year and we'll see.

"But I talk to the Jets and they're like, 'OK, what are you offering?' I can't begin to figure it out."

The article paints a bad picture for the Jets and it's clear that the article is written with a liberal dose of help from Schwartz & Feinsod.  There is quote about beating the team that is particularly obvious in who the source is.  Insert a "we" into both brackets and the source betrays itself.   

Even so, it doesn't make them wrong in their complaining, Cole writes that if the Jets were smart, the more transparent they are to teams, the quicker the issue might get resolved with the most return investment.

In essence, if the Jets want to get as much as possible for Revis, they have to give teams a chance to negotiate with his agents to see if a long-term contract can be worked out. In addition, they have to give teams a chance to give him a physical because Revis is trying to return from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee that sidelined him most of the 2012 campaign.
The Jets relationship with Schwartz and Feinsod has long been contentious, but that shouldn't matter to John Idzik.  I'm sure that any interested team will want to have Revis take a medical exam prior to trading, but let's not feel too bad for Revis' camp, they seem to be getting out the word quite well on his recovery without the help of Revis or his agents talking directly to teams.  NFL Network, Star-Ledger, Daily News, ESPN NY and so on ... there are plenty of eager reporters willing to tell Revis' story. 

Yes, there's a limited window in which teams could afford to pay Revis what he wants for this year, but the urgency that his agents are creating to get an additional $4-6 million in commissions this season is wearing a little thin.  Time is of the essence, but any negotiations with other teams for Revis have only been going on for a few weeks now and so if Idzik is willing to find a team who will blurt out their offer at first chance, then maybe he'll strike gold.

At any rate, if the Jets are serious about moving Revis and seeing what the market will bear in terms of compensation they are going to have to start getting more transparent with interested teams.  The compensation might not be what Woody Johnson or John Idzik want to hear, but it will be reality and they will have to live with that compensational reality, or live with Revis and the harpies that work as his agents.

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