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On the other day, Adam Schein is looking at the end-game with Darrelle Revis and writes that the best thing for the Jets is to trade Revis and get some value for him now rather than let him walk in a year once his deal voids.  If the Jets were to trade him now, Schein writes that "there is a very realistic chance in a rare win-win-win scenario that Revis, the Jets and his new team all come away very happy."

It pains me that we have to play out all the likely possibilities here for a guy who is?/was? a favorite for many Jets fans (myself included) over the last five years.   But as  Darren Rovell would probably be all to excited to remind us ... this is business.

The Jets front office have to be prepared and we're pretty sure the Jets are coming up with plans for the eventuality that Revis stays ... or goes.  Since both sides seem to be unwilling to budge in any looming negotiations between them, the pragmatic approach for the Jets front office is to get what value they can, while they can.  The optimal time to do that would be now.

For many Jets fans who appreciate Revis's play and take pride in him being part of the team, losing him would be a bitter pill.

Revis wants his contract.  The Jets want to extricate themselves from their current predicament.  And some as of yet nameless team wants a shutdown cornerback to help their team make a run at a Lombardi Trophy.  Is it then a win-win-win, as Schein writes?  It's hard to know for sure, but based on the two sides all or none stances, it's hard to imagine a situation at this point where the Jets and Revis would ride off into the sunset.  And while Revis is a tremendous talent, I am doubtful about how many draft picks Revis would actually get from a team.  Schein writes it could be "bushels" ... but current GM logic tends to highly prize draft picks ... even when valued against elite NFL veterans ... so we'll have wait and see.  I think for the Jets to get bushels of picks, it w0uld have to come down to legitimate bidding war between more than one team for Revis.

So ... if the Jets can come away with good compensation, it would certainly lessen the blow as many fans realize that paying $16+ million per year to Revis the way the team is currently constructed is ... untenable.

As we've mentioned many times, this draft class might have an odd-shape with it's lack of first round skill players, but it is extremely deep in other areas ... and the value available in rounds 2-4 will be good.  Assuming the Jets trade Revis it will add more draft picks in their bucket in this class.  Then, the Jets would be freed to take a more even-handed approach in drafting this year ... picking their spots and drafting players judiciously, but also giving them some added flexibility to stockpile picks in future rounds if the opportunity arises.

For most fans, the thought of losing Revis is anathema, but it underscores just how much a business this really is.   Still, fans must recognize the best long term answers are those that are in the best long-term interest of the team.  It sounds as if Revis respects Idzik, and if there's a silver lining to this, it's going to be that the team's new GM will be able to bring some fresh eyes to the situation.

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