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Interesting scoop here from Kristian Dyer of Metro New York, who reveals that Antonio Cromartie will be inviting several of his defensive backfield colleagues for workouts in California in between mini-camp and training camp:

The players will live and train together, hopefully accelerating their understanding on and off the field ... Cromartie will have his personal trainer there to run the conditioning and the schedule has already been set for a month now. Monday will be the endurance session, including workouts such as pulling sleds and flipping tires. Tuesday is slotted for agility and field work day. Wednesday combines boxing with yoga. Thursday is on the field and Friday is running in the mountains or canyons of California ... The unit is hoping to build a camaraderie that can help them jell in training camp a month later. Part of that will be establishing leaders among the group.

Cromartie's emergence as a player the rest of his teammates look up to has been an unexpected silver lining from the Darrelle Revis injury and subsequent trade. Now his own version of "Jets West" should ensure that the defense is ready for Cortland and beyond.

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