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Whether right or wrong, LaDainian Tomlinson has a noteworthy perspective on the Jets potential interest in trading Darrelle Revis, per ESPN NY.

Tomlinson believes it would be a mistake to trade Darrelle Revis, but he thinks that could happen because "Rex Ryan's silence in the whole thing about Revis has spoken volumes to me that something is actually happening."

He also said of a potential trade, "I feel because of the situation that they're in, the Jets feel like that's the only way they can make some headway in turning this roster around, getting more athletes on the roster, more athletes that can perform better.

Tomlinson might be onto something, but I also think that Rex Ryan is minding his p's and q's with a new GM in house and the rumors running that Woody is not so sympatico with his coach as many seem to think.  If the initial leak of the Revis story to LaCanfora did in fact come from Woody or someone in his innermost circle, then who is the coach to go against that?

Rex Ryan has made it clear (publicly) that he wants to be the coach of the Jets as long as he can be.  If so, then driving a wedge between the owner and a player (who has been prolific but had contentious contract negotiations with the team every time) might not be the best play for a guy who has had his last two seasons unwind before his eyes.

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